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Energy Tracking’s WEM-IO Enables Load Control and Energy Management
July 8, 2009

Energy Tracking has been providing smart IP enabled meters to measure and report energy consumption in real time for many years to various vertical markets. Based on the reported data, it required manual intervention to change / modify certain operations to save energy and reduce energy costs. It became apparent that some level of automation can significantly help make a difference in energy reduction. Energy Tracking is pleased to announce the release of the WEM-IO which can be deployed for demand response applications and be utilized by end users to reduce load and report data in real-time.

The WEM-IO is unique because it has built in pre-defined operations that can be used to reduce energy usage. For Example:

Demand Response

The WEM-IO can periodically connect to a remote web server to request a directive which could result in disabling or enabling one or more loads.


The WEM-IO can ensure that two loads are not engaged at once such as two HVAC units. User can set a time interval so that only one load is engaged at a time enabling load control thereby reducing peak demand.

Input Pulse & Threshold Triggering

This option is for manufacturing and process environments where a change in the input triggers a relay. This can be a limit switch. Relays can be engaged based on minimum and maximum pulses received over a user defined time-frame.

WEM-MX Access

This option enables the WEM-IO to communicate directly with the WEM-MX smart meter and trigger relay(s) based on user defined kW thresholds.

The WEM-IO is a Web Enabled IO Module that is TCP/IP - Ethernet enabled solution with two way communications and reporting on a smart grid. This smart Internet enabled device provides a superior solution with the ability to be accessed in real time via a standard web browser and be configured to send status reports and load profile reports via email, ftp or XML/SOAP web service client using HTTP.


Energy Tracking is committed to providing high quality, advanced revenue grade metering and software technology at reasonable prices.

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