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Web Enabled Meter
WEM-MX - Gen 4

Due to Covid-19 and global supply chain disruption resulting in semiconductor shortages, we are unable to provide product at this time. We will update this site once we are in a position to do so.

Energy Tracking for over 15 years has been providing proven and reliable smart energy metering technology to accurately measure, report & analyze energy data. Energy Tracking is a leading cost effective solutions provider and a pioneer in applying the Internet to real-time energy metering (IoT). We are the Experts!

Unlike old traditional metering that requires you to poll the hardware, our metering technology will reliably push the data - every 15 minutes or faster to you depending on your requirements. Our goal is to help our clients maximize energy and operational savings. We simplify energy reporting and management and hence have become a trusted leader. Give us a call and we will happily share with you how we have overcome several challenges to ensure accuracy of measurement, consistent relaying and reporting without data loss.

Our revenue grade web enabled ANSI compliant energy meter (WEM-MX), pulse data logger (WEPM) and relay module (WEM-IO) are Internet enabled and have a built-in web server. The combination of our hardware and software is designed to provide an end-to-end solution from measurement to billing.

In addition, our metering technology can report data via email, FTP, ModBus TCP and Web Service via HTTP using 100% open protocols. We have exported our technology to over 32 countries world-wide and look forward towards helping you meet and solve your energy metering & management requirements.

Our Enterprise Energy Tracking Analytics Web portal (ETA) provides greater capabilities. ETA is an enterprise level energy information management software web portal that automatically collects and manages valuable energy data and then translates the data into useful and actionable insights to the customers. ETA’s cloud-based robust data capture and analysis help users gain control over their energy costs via variety of interactive and automated energy analytics tools that are delivered via a convenient and easy to use web browser. ETA manages large volumes of historical data from meters. It presents current data up to the last granular interval, hourly, daily, and monthly or yearly as well as historical data both in tabular and graphical form providing greater visibility and control of energy consumption.

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Why Choose Us:
We Are The Experts! Many of our clients had used Over-Hyped products and failed before coming to us

Proven Resilient Technology Over 15+ Years

Extremely Accurate Measurement

Extensive Customer Base

Guaranteed Zero Data Loss! The Secret is Bi-Directional Confirmation!

100% Open IoT Protocols + Push Technology

Concurrent Data Reporting Via FTP & Web Services

Embedded Web Server - Access Via Internet Explorer

Load Profile Data Backup for 55 Days @ 15 Minutes Interval

Our Devices Are Field Upgradable Should The Need Ever Arise

Excellent Customer Support & On-Line Documentation

Poll Data via Traditional Means Via ModBus TCP/IP

ET Analytics - Provides Measurement To Cloud - SaaS

ET Analytics - Alarm Notifications if Communications are Off-Line

We Utilize The Full Spectrum of IoT to Provide Data at the Right Time and Place

Energy Metering & Power Measurement:

Our company specializes in providing intelligent network enabled energy metering hardware and software for energy measurement and management. Our product applications are in submetering, energy management, load profiling, demand response programs, photovoltaic measurement, remote meter reading, and measurement and verification.

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Electric Metering & Submetering:

Our Web Enabled Meter (WEM-MX) is a revenue grade (0.2%) ANSI C12.20 compliant 4-quadrant Internet enabled electric meter with advanced communications for energy management. This advanced energy meter can provide consumption and demand data as well as interval data (load profile) and by time of use. It is available in single phase and three phase configuration.

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Web Enabled Pulse Logger:

The (WEPM) is a 4 channel pulse data logger with load profiling capability. It is Internet enabled and reports data via its built in web server, email, ftp or web service. It enables you to submeter by picking up pulses generated from gas, water, steam or existing electric meters with a pulse output.

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Energy Management & Tracking Software:

Energy Tracking Analytics is a web portal that provides real time access to current and historical energy usage data for analysis anytime, anywhere via the Internet using a web browser.

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Web Enabled Relay Module & Pulse Logger (WEM-IO):

The WEM-IO can be used to reduce energy usage and peak demand and is an ideal product for Demand Response applications.

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Problems And Issues:

Most end users who are looking at sub metering have one or more specific objectives and goals in mind and want to achieve them in a simple and efficient manner that will save them time, money and effort. Listed below are typical objectives and goals where our technologies can help and resolve many plaguing issues and problems.

Typical Objectives and Goals:

  • Reduce Energy and Demand Costs.

  • Acquire precise energy usage to better understand facility operation and identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and costs.

  • Acquire monthly energy usage for tracking or to generate a bill for a tenant (co-op, condominium, office buildings, retail, mall).

  • Validate accuracy of Utility billing charges - consumption, demand and power factor.

  • Critical process measurement and monitoring in Industrial facilities.

  • Equipment energy usage, performance analysis and allocation of costs to specific loads or departments.

  • Measure multiple resources: Electric, Gas, Steam, Water, Oil etc.

  • Automated method to collect, store and view energy usage data.

  • Acquire energy usage data ASAP - in Real time. After-the-fact does not help.

  • Alarm reporting capability.

  • Compare energy usage of one or more facilities over time.

  • Ascertain and compare usage within a building or department.

  • Aggregate and Display energy usage of one or more facilities.

  • A metering solution to facilitate all of the above.

Integration Goals, Solutions & Benefits We Provide:

  • Low cost, ease of use, simple to install, monitor and track.

  • Real time data display and access to metering usage data.

  • No cost reporting of usage data as our metering technology can use the existing Ethernet TCP/IP network.

  • Fully automated after installation and setup.

  • Web browser interface to review energy usage information, perform analysis such as aggregation, comparison and convert usage to costs.

  • View, print, email & export energy demand and consumption reports or billing reports.

  • Aggregation of data on a local, regional or national level.

  • 100% open architecture and protocols.

  • Single site solution that is expandable to Enterprise level.
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Data Sheet for ET Analytics:(Click Here) provides extensive details on how energy data is converted to energy intelligence providing solutions and benefits. Contact us for supporting videos on how users engage with ET Analytics.

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"We have tried other brands of meters,
and have not found any that work as well
as the meters you provide.  We have always been 100% satisfied with your meters, and currently have over 70,000 modules being monitored with them..."

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