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Energy Tracking’s Apple OS Application for WEM-MX 333mV Smart Meter
August 8, 2015

Energy Tracking is announcing the release of an Apple OS based application that provides Real Time Energy Usage Information from its Advanced Web Enabled Meter: WEM-MX 333mV.

This is a free application to help end users get immediate updates to their energy usage using their Apple phone or tablet every few (< 5) seconds. The end user can customize the application for single phase or three phase application, set min/max values for gauges and set energy and demand costs.

The WEM-MX 333mV smart meter combines revenue grade electric metering accuracy and an Ethernet enabled solution for two way communications and reporting. This smart Internet enabled energy meter provides a superior solution with the ability to be accessed in real time via a standard web browser, a mobile application and be configured to send consumption, demand and load profile reports via email, ftp and web service every 1 minute if required using 100% open protocols. More details are provided below.

Key Display Features:

  • Voltage, Current and Power Factor values by phase.
  • Instantaneous kW gauge and charting.
  • Load Profile: kWh usage over 24 hours.
  • Average Power Factor.
  • Lifetime kWh Odometer.
  • kWh Consumption - current month, last month and projected usage.
  • Warning gauge for projected energy usage.
  • Current Month v/s Last Month Peak kW.
  • Last Month’s Bill and Projected Bill Till-Date.
  • User customizable min / max scale values.

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Energy Tracking is committed to providing high quality, advanced revenue grade metering and software technology at reasonable prices.

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