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Current Transformers (CTs) for Metering:
Solid Core & Split Core

To enable energy and power measurements, the WEM-MX meter requires voltage and current feeds. The primary current needs to be reduced to a level that can be measured by the meter. Current Transformers (CTs) reduce the primary current and provide a secondary of 5 Amperes. Energy Tracking also provides current transformers that have a 0.333VAC secondary. The WEM-MX has a base accuracy of 0.2% and the final system accuracy is based on the type of CTs and operating environment. In a noisy environment, CTs with a 5 Amp secondary are the ideal option due to their low susceptibility to noise. Alternatively, if the CTs are mounted far away from the load to be measured, we recommend using the 333mV current transformers which are more cost effective and do not suffer from degradation over long distance wiring. If the distance is greater than 20 feet, we recommend using twisted shielded cable. Please contact our technical support staff for guidance.

Energy Tracking offers both types of current transformers.

  • Solid Core
  • Split Core

  • Solid Core: This type of current transformer is typically used where power can be shutdown and is low cost.

    solid-core current transformers solid-core current transformers
    Split Core: This type of current transformer is used where power cannot be shutdown. The primary current carrying conduit must be insulated for safety reasons. Installation must be done by a trained electrician.
    split-core current transformers split-core current transformers

    In both CT types, the secondary terminals must be short circuited or connected to the meter before the primary circuit is energized.

    Current Transformers with 333mV Secondary: They are available in solid core and split-core versions. Please specify primary amps and window size. Available window sizes are 0.75", 1.25" or 2.00". Bus bar CTs size: 3" X 5".

    Click here for more details and part numbers

    current transformers     image

    Current Transformers are available in various sizes, window openings and styles ranging from 50 Amps to 6000 Amps. Please contact us with your requirements. Click here for part numbers

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